The Internet Archive encourages developers to add media to Archive.org as well as to consume and re-purpose metadata and media.


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Guides explaining the Internet Archive’s infrastructure and developer architecture. Learn what developer services the Internet Archive offers and how to use them. Use the Internet Archive APIs in your favorite programming language. Get help and engage in discussion with the developer community.

API Version 1.0 LTS

LTS stands for Long Term Support. The Internet Archive is committed to permanence on the web. We expect our services to work for our users, even if after we make changes to them. Sometimes changes are necessary to ensure the security and privacy of our users and to make sure we’re providing the best experience, by taking advantage of new features and technologies.

Currently, the Internet Archive offers several standalone API services which we are collectively calling API v1 (or version 1). There is an effort to consolidate these services into a single location (endpoint) so they can be accessed by future users from a single URL. Because of our commitment to permanence on the web, we will continue to support both forms of these v1 APIs long term and both will return identical data. While API v1 is not currently rate limited, we may need to impose limits in the future to ensure availability of our services.

Note to developers: We encourage developers to build tools using the soon-to-be-announced API v1 endpoint, and to explicitly specify the API version within the endpoint URL to insure the service continues to work into the future. When API v2 is released as LTS, and if no version is specified to your url, the API will default to the latest version.

API Version 2.0 API (alpha)

We’re currently building a collection of experimental APIs (v2 alpha) which located on a separate domain, https://api.archivelab.org, so we can collect feedback from the community. Developers who are interested in experimenting with our alpha services can explore the APIs v2 (alpha) endpoints here. Please note that API v2 (alpha) may be discontinued at any time and is thus not ideal for building mission critical applications.

  • The code which powers the API v2 (alpha) endpoints is open source on github: View the code on Github
  • Experiencing problems? Have a recommendation? Submit an issue on Github.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)